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El alma de los peces/Fishes´soul (2001)
Finalist Novel of the National Narrativa Award, 2002
Muchnik Editors.
Barcelona, 2000.
142 Pages.

Austria, 1895. Bruno Weiss pretends to destroy society in order to build a new political system in Europe. He discovers a safe method to win in the roulette and it encourages him to go ahead with his ambitious plans. Behind a window, Stephanie. Her literal position of being behind a window is a symbol of her figurative strategy of being his silent accomplice. He is the epitome of evil.

Translated into Bulgarian
El alma de los peces.
Ed. Hispánica. Sofia, 2000
Translated into Portuguese
El alma de los peces.
Ed. Pergaminho. Lisboa, 2000
Translated into Dutch
El alma de los peces.
Ed. De Prom. Amsterdam, 2000
Translated into Greek
El alma de los peces.
Ed. Enalios. Atenas, 2000

Other Editions


Atlántida Publishing House.

Buenos Aires, 2001


Atlántida Publishing House. Argentina, 2001

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